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me whispering to my dog in the dark: hey.. you still up?

Got a ticket to see 5sos at Wembley arena next year, omg

still not completely sure when i’ll actually be going to the UK but June was when I was planning, so I thought I should by a ticket just incase

@5sos: Sleepy band is sleepy

Anonymous whispered: Hi, i was just watching a video from your youtube channel and i see that you have tumblr, and i REALLY think it's awesome. i just needed to say it to you!!!! You've done a GRAT job with your tumblr!!!! And my question, so you're a twfamily, Vampettes (the vamps) and lawson team (sorry i don't know how lawson fans are called) aren't you? and what else, i mean do you like any other band? the thing is that i like the same bands as you so i fell so identify with you!!!!

Aw thank you so much :) I dont really upload to youtube anymore as im busy with college and work and the same with my tumblr as well :(

yeah I like those bands, and I also like 5sos, union j, mcfly and a whole bunch of other bands like All Time Low, Fall Out Boy etc but I dont really post about them ones on this tumblr.

You should come off anonymous :)